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Leading Retail Brands Unlock Data with Puller AI

Empower Your Team with No-Code Data Access for Smarter Decisions

No more waiting on engineers for your data.

Puller AI enables anyone on your team to quickly access and retrieve crucial data, reducing dependency on technical teams and speeding up your decision-making.

Accelerated Time-to-Insight

Quickly retrieve data to answer critical business questions, enabling faster and more informed decisions

GenAI Powered Automation

Use natural language to retrieve data for merchandising analytics, category performance, and shopper insights

Connect to Any Source

Seamlessly connect to data from POS, ERP, CRM, RMN, CDP, DWH, PDFs, spreadsheets & more for a 360 data view

Enterprise Grade Security

Protect sensitive loyalty and sales data with stringent security controls, including SOC 2 & GDPR Compliance

Query Reusability at Scale

Share and reuse data requests across teams and locations for consistent and efficient operations

No Coding Required

Enable your business users to independently retrieve data, giving back capacity to your technical teams

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100x Your Data Retrieval Power with Puller AI

Redefining Data Accessibility for Leading Retail Enterprises

Leading global retailers face a common challenge: the 'data-to-insight gap.' Business teams are often stuck waiting on IT or engineering to provide the data they need in order to answer important, ad hoc business questions.

Puller AI eliminates this gap by empowering analysts and business users to quickly retrieve data themselves, speeding up the decision-making process and enhancing productivity.

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